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Interlude to Me [07 Nov 2004|01:34am]

[ mood | indescribable ]

.::The Alter-Ego::.
Civilian Name : CS-chan
Gender : Female
Age : 14
Birthdate : February 20, 1990
Star Sign: Pisces
BloodType : A-
Location : Somewhere Far Away From Anywhere
Likes : The little things, being random, enjoying life
Dislikes : A lot of things
Hobbies : Reading, writing, and drawing like a nerd-o in nerdopolis
Favourite Band(s) : Matchbox Twenty
Favourite Song(s) : "Mad Season", Matchbox Twenty
Favourite Food(s) : Pasta, french fries, cranberries, triscuits
Favourite Colour(s) : Blue and rainbow
Anything else we should know? : Don't ever forget me . . .

.::A World of Your Own::.
Name : CS-chan (but no one makes the connection)
Title : Magical Spork Girl CS-chan
Gender : Female
Age : Ageless
Location : Anywhere I Want to Be
Occupation : Professional Magical Girl
Abilities : Being an impossible ditz, randomly generating sparkles
Style : Frills, pleats, ribbons, sashes, full skirts, puffy sleeves . . . anything my girlish heart desires.
Pet : Sporky-chan, metal confidante, all-purpose eating utensil, and merciful weapon
Image Song : "Mad Season", Matchbox Twenty
Anything else we should know? : I may accidentally trip right where I should but you don't want me to . . .

Pictures : Will unveil as soon as Sporky's out of the rinse cycle

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[21 Sep 2004|07:23pm]
You should take a looksee at serpentinesiren
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[06 Aug 2004|01:36am]

.::The Alter-Ego::.
Civilian Name : Jazmin
Gender : simply female...
Age : 13(oh still so young!)
Birthdate :nj lpwer -0 93 well now that THAT's out of my system - September 5th 1990
Star Sign: Virgo
BloodType : *bitterly* frogs.
Location : In nezu's bat cave
Likes : oh I hate this part. Anime, manga, good horror, yaoi, bishounen(^.^;), Iai-do,
Aikido, JRock, art, Fashion Design... good conversation/raving
Dislikes : So many things I dislike... well you'll learn them all from talking to me.
Hobbies : *giggles* I just saw that Starbursts commercial where the chick unwraps it with her tongue^________^
Favourite Band(s) : Nezumi you FIEND!!! Malice Mizer, Madeth Gray'll(no I haven't forgotten them), Lareine(not as much now), Dir~en~Grey, L'Arc en Ciel, Noir Fleurir, Schwarz Stein, growing interest in Moi dix Mois, only heard one Eve of Destiny song but loved it. ANGELO BADALAMENTI RULES!!!
Favourite Song(s) : no comment*glare*glare*
Favourite Food(s) : *sigh* oh how I love food... SUSHI! UDON! SHRIMP TEMPURA!! And Mexican food... and y'know now that I think about it Chinese food too... and CHOCOLATE.
Favourite Colour(s) : Lupin III is pretty hilarious
Anything else we should know? : I may have a bit of a split personality disorder?

.::A World of Your Own::.
Name : "..."
Title : "Hey you"
Gender : I'd be happier a dedicated transvestite then an actual woman
Age : 14
Location : elsewhere
Occupation : creator
Abilities : skilled hands(take that as you will)
Style : Diverse
Pet : a little bird that sings me to sleep
Image Song : I don't know, what do you think fits Naz?
Anything else we should know? : Nothing has it's full effect

Pictures : not now
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[05 Aug 2004|12:19pm]
.::The Alter-Ego::.
Civilian Name : Hana Riah Catalina Ruth Muratore-Rizzi
Gender: Vaginal hell-beast
Age: Sixteen. No sound of music refrences, I beg you/
Birthdate: January 10th.
Star Sign: Capricorn.
BloodType: B-
Location: The Boondocks, Colorado.
Likes: When surgery Backfires, "B" movies, Monster truck rallies, Giant Death-Robots, Mortuary science, Taxidermy, Zombies, Doomsday cults, The third reich, Nazis Nazis Nazis!!, Silent movie stars, Futurism, Vodka mixed with anything but apple juice, and so on.
Dislikes: Hippies, Diets/Health food/etc, The Geneva convention, the laws of Physics, Dashboard Confessional, the fact that peole thing everything i cook is laced with cyanide.
Hobbies: Urban spelunking, Amature taxidermy, Rouge Paranormal investigation, Building Defacement, Breeding cockroaches and pretending I'm a natural blonde.
Favourite Band(s): Suicide Commando, Wumpscut, Android Lust, Iron of Coil, Kovenant, The Groovie Ghoulies, Frankenstien Drag Queens from Planet 13, Necromantix, The Misfits, and so on. I also love Swing music and Opera.
Favourite Song(s): Chupucabras.
Favourite Food(s): Cheetos and Vodka.
Favourite Colour(s): Pink.
Anything else we should know?: Human flesh supposedly tasteslike sweet pork.
.::A World of Your Own::.
Name: Tallulah Berlin Marinetti von Ehrenreich :D
Title: Fantasticly supreme Fascist Fuherette to be!
Gender: Gal.
Age: 17ish?
Location: Doddles between Munich, Rome, Venice and Tokyo. Circa 1942.
Occupation: Axis Heiress, Puesdo-Pilot, all in all, kind of a spoiled eccentric.
Abilities: She has feminine charm, and Her Uncle is the most cruel dictator the world has ever know. Oh, and theleigons of brownshirts.
Style: Think '40s pin-up babe meets Nazi. Gwen Stefani-like hair, long eyelashes and fingernails, thin, tan, wears and armband.
Pet: A little Chiauaua(sp?) named Gudrun (It has a wardrobe!)not to mention some Cheetahs and Zebras and Tigers she accquired from her Uncle's friend.
Image Song: Material Girl~Madonna
Anything else we should know? She sneaks afaggie when uncleand eva aren't looking.
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...Teh Bio... [05 Aug 2004|12:54pm]

[ mood | hyper ]

This is ME!

.::The Alter-Ego::.
Civilian Name : Zoey Learea
Gender : Anti-Female
Age : 15
Birthdate : 12.01.88
Star Sign: Sag
BloodType : Not even my MOTHER knows...
Location : The Land of My Delusions. Oh, for real? Pennsylvania.
Likes : Bishônen, Boys' Love, yaoi, angsty pretties, fairy tales of a dark nature, fairy tales of a lighter nature, hats, buttons, Jrockers, boys in skirts, indie music, electronic music (I love love love most forms of House and Darkwave), cats, some birds
Dislikes : Bigotry, my mother, dogs, homophobes, organized religion
Hobbies : drawing manga, reading manga, reading fantasy/sci-fi novels, listening to music of many stripes,
Favourite Band(s) : Oh, we're going here? The Postal Service, Radiohead, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Stellastarr*, The Shocking Pinks, Japanther, Death Cab for Cutie, OK GO, GOGO!1788, Plastic Tree, Aucifer, TMR, Malice Mizer, Moi dix Mois, L'Arc~en~Ciel, The Arcade Fire, Alizée, Lareine, Psycho le Cému, The Fiery Furnaces, They Might Be Giants, Muse, Franz Ferdinand, The Dissociatives, The Streets, Junior Senior, Belle & Sebastian, The Avalanches (does anyone else even remember them? I used to have their ablum), The Beatles, Queen, DuranDuran (in the right mood), Devo, ect. ect.
Favourite Song(s) : There's too many of them. Have you seen my BAND list? That's really incomplete, too.
Favourite Food(s) : Sushi, seafood, Asian food in general, Italian, French pastries, chesseless pizza (yuuuum), sandwiches, soups, salads, Mexican food, Thai, Indian, Vietnamese, Mongolian, ect. ect. I just love food. ^.^
Favourite Colour(s) : Green, black, red, blue, yellow, white, purple, orange... I just love colours!
Anything else we should know? : I love a little bit of almost everything. ^___^

.::A World of Your Own::.
Name : Zea (a combination of Z and Learea!)
Title : Title? Like, Lady? I'd like to be Lady. ^_^
Gender : Female, I think. You know what? I'd change at will.
Age : 16--17.
Location : A fantasy world of my own, or maybe this one (with kickass magic.)
Occupation : I'd love to be an unaging sorceress/sorceror(depending on my mood). ^_^ Not all-knowing, just marvelously powerful and travelling through the ages... there's just so much to see!
Abilities : Like I said, vast magic powers and the ability to change my gender as I wish... Gender is a hassle when it's set in stone.
Style : Oh, gods! That would entirely depend on my mood, but mostly showy, I think. All dazzle and flash. Yes yes. ^_^
Pet : Kitty! ^_^ *cuddle* Or, a tiny dragon (a la Anne McCaffrey!)
Image Song : Let's see... Hmmm. I don't think I have one. Maybe something by the Shocking Pinks or Psycho. ^_^
Anything else we should know? : I'm awesome! Heheheh.


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[27 Jul 2004|01:07am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

As promised, I have a brief...bio?...which I will ask members to fill out upon their joining. It is as follows:

.::The Alter-Ego::.
Civilian Name :
Gender : [Your physical gender: your true gender is covered below]
Age :
Birthdate :
Star Sign:
BloodType : [This is optional: I understand not everyone knows their bloodtype]
Location :
Likes :
Dislikes :
Hobbies :
Favourite Band(s) :
Favourite Song(s) :
Favourite Food(s) :
Favourite Colour(s) :
Anything else we should know? :

.::A World of Your Own::.
Name :
Title :
Gender : [not necessarily your physical gender]
Age :
Location :
Occupation :
Abilities : [if any]
Style : [Choice garments/uniform/anything to do with wardrobe]
Pet : [optional; we all know most magical girls have a magical animal of some sort...]
Image Song : [every good character has an image song of their own!]
Anything else we should know? :

Pictures : [optional; photos of you in either form are appreciated, but not mandatory]

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[18 Jul 2004|12:03am]


I have noooooooo idea what this place is about but... someone was talking about a really happy place they made up that sounded like a place I'd want to go on a weekend? Yes once again I am confused....

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[17 Jul 2004|05:50pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

^___________^ How terrific! I joined but for one reason: I felt like it! XD Actually, I just checked out Andrew Lang's Pink Fairy Book recently... I love love love fairytales of all sorts, don't you? Of course you do! There's nothing like a good fairytale to make you want a pretty white dress and white wicker furniture in an English garden with a nice china teaset and plenty of stuffed playmates. ^.^ (Or maybe that's just me... >_>)

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[17 Jul 2004|08:26am]
Naz, what a grandoise idea for a community!
Of course, I, being of a rather immature nature still live partically in the relm of pretend. However, my little utopia doesn't encompass unicorns or faries or anything jovial of that nature, it's a mishmash of my overly-romanticized visions of a pesudo Futurist society with leigons upon leigons of machines and Lovecraftian occultism and senseless slaugher and the like. It's rather post apcololyptic, and the majority of the citizens drive a monster truck and look like professional wrestlers.

And sometimes I pretend I'm in a bunker or part of the Luftwaffe dropping bombs on London and hitting Big Ben with a sick sort of prescison. I don't think I spelled that correctly. But in anycase.

I have a feeling little self-titled changlings will join this community and tell me that I'm a sick, deranged little girl, but can I help it if I have an infatuation with ultraviolence and the third reich?? BLAUUUUGH!! Sometimes I also pretend I'm help Dr. Mengele dissassemble somebody.

No Flames, bitte! I grew up in the late 80's and 90's, thus explaining why I'm rather desensitized. Remember those carefree days when you could sing about drowning your teacher and slaughtering your classmates without getting send into electro-shock? OH! ANGST! NOSTOLGIA!
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[16 Jul 2004|09:53pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

I know an introductory post is in order, but I'm working on getting some introduction form up in order to make this easier... please bear with me. --and do excuse the barren state of this layout. I hope to find something to decorate it with later on...

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