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.::The Alter-Ego::.
Civilian Name : Hana Riah Catalina Ruth Muratore-Rizzi
Gender: Vaginal hell-beast
Age: Sixteen. No sound of music refrences, I beg you/
Birthdate: January 10th.
Star Sign: Capricorn.
BloodType: B-
Location: The Boondocks, Colorado.
Likes: When surgery Backfires, "B" movies, Monster truck rallies, Giant Death-Robots, Mortuary science, Taxidermy, Zombies, Doomsday cults, The third reich, Nazis Nazis Nazis!!, Silent movie stars, Futurism, Vodka mixed with anything but apple juice, and so on.
Dislikes: Hippies, Diets/Health food/etc, The Geneva convention, the laws of Physics, Dashboard Confessional, the fact that peole thing everything i cook is laced with cyanide.
Hobbies: Urban spelunking, Amature taxidermy, Rouge Paranormal investigation, Building Defacement, Breeding cockroaches and pretending I'm a natural blonde.
Favourite Band(s): Suicide Commando, Wumpscut, Android Lust, Iron of Coil, Kovenant, The Groovie Ghoulies, Frankenstien Drag Queens from Planet 13, Necromantix, The Misfits, and so on. I also love Swing music and Opera.
Favourite Song(s): Chupucabras.
Favourite Food(s): Cheetos and Vodka.
Favourite Colour(s): Pink.
Anything else we should know?: Human flesh supposedly tasteslike sweet pork.
.::A World of Your Own::.
Name: Tallulah Berlin Marinetti von Ehrenreich :D
Title: Fantasticly supreme Fascist Fuherette to be!
Gender: Gal.
Age: 17ish?
Location: Doddles between Munich, Rome, Venice and Tokyo. Circa 1942.
Occupation: Axis Heiress, Puesdo-Pilot, all in all, kind of a spoiled eccentric.
Abilities: She has feminine charm, and Her Uncle is the most cruel dictator the world has ever know. Oh, and theleigons of brownshirts.
Style: Think '40s pin-up babe meets Nazi. Gwen Stefani-like hair, long eyelashes and fingernails, thin, tan, wears and armband.
Pet: A little Chiauaua(sp?) named Gudrun (It has a wardrobe!)not to mention some Cheetahs and Zebras and Tigers she accquired from her Uncle's friend.
Image Song: Material Girl~Madonna
Anything else we should know? She sneaks afaggie when uncleand eva aren't looking.
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