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Interlude to Me

.::The Alter-Ego::.
Civilian Name : CS-chan
Gender : Female
Age : 14
Birthdate : February 20, 1990
Star Sign: Pisces
BloodType : A-
Location : Somewhere Far Away From Anywhere
Likes : The little things, being random, enjoying life
Dislikes : A lot of things
Hobbies : Reading, writing, and drawing like a nerd-o in nerdopolis
Favourite Band(s) : Matchbox Twenty
Favourite Song(s) : "Mad Season", Matchbox Twenty
Favourite Food(s) : Pasta, french fries, cranberries, triscuits
Favourite Colour(s) : Blue and rainbow
Anything else we should know? : Don't ever forget me . . .

.::A World of Your Own::.
Name : CS-chan (but no one makes the connection)
Title : Magical Spork Girl CS-chan
Gender : Female
Age : Ageless
Location : Anywhere I Want to Be
Occupation : Professional Magical Girl
Abilities : Being an impossible ditz, randomly generating sparkles
Style : Frills, pleats, ribbons, sashes, full skirts, puffy sleeves . . . anything my girlish heart desires.
Pet : Sporky-chan, metal confidante, all-purpose eating utensil, and merciful weapon
Image Song : "Mad Season", Matchbox Twenty
Anything else we should know? : I may accidentally trip right where I should but you don't want me to . . .

Pictures : Will unveil as soon as Sporky's out of the rinse cycle
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