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Naz, what a grandoise idea for a community!
Of course, I, being of a rather immature nature still live partically in the relm of pretend. However, my little utopia doesn't encompass unicorns or faries or anything jovial of that nature, it's a mishmash of my overly-romanticized visions of a pesudo Futurist society with leigons upon leigons of machines and Lovecraftian occultism and senseless slaugher and the like. It's rather post apcololyptic, and the majority of the citizens drive a monster truck and look like professional wrestlers.

And sometimes I pretend I'm in a bunker or part of the Luftwaffe dropping bombs on London and hitting Big Ben with a sick sort of prescison. I don't think I spelled that correctly. But in anycase.

I have a feeling little self-titled changlings will join this community and tell me that I'm a sick, deranged little girl, but can I help it if I have an infatuation with ultraviolence and the third reich?? BLAUUUUGH!! Sometimes I also pretend I'm help Dr. Mengele dissassemble somebody.

No Flames, bitte! I grew up in the late 80's and 90's, thus explaining why I'm rather desensitized. Remember those carefree days when you could sing about drowning your teacher and slaughtering your classmates without getting send into electro-shock? OH! ANGST! NOSTOLGIA!
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